The Artist

A lifelong musician, John has served as an “artist in residence” at the New School of Lancaster, teaching the Blues to children from first to fifth grades, conducting summer music camps, and performing in public regularly under the stage name of Willie Marble, an old-time Delta Blues “shouter.” He plays several instruments, including guitar, piano, upright bass, and percussion. His most recent project is a limited edition vinyl album titled “Crossroads,” released in January 2023. He collaborated on this project with his daughter Wallace and her band.

In early 2018, John took his first art lesson. Little did he know where it would take him. The scope and volume of his work are varied from charcoal and ink sketches to work in acrylics and pastels, from music-themed pieces to landscapes. This, coupled with his experience as a musician and his commitment to music education and advocacy, led him to publish a children’s book in 2019 titled Alphabone Orchestra: A Magically Musical Journey Through the Alphabet. John wrote and illustrated the book and produced an educational video series for children based on the book. John’s work was publicly displayed in November 2022 as an exhibit at Loryn Spangler-Jones Studio in Lancaster, PA. 

Artwork for sale

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Untitled, Acrylic on canvas

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Solstice Sunset 16” x 20” Acrylic on canvas

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